Community School Mosaic

My latest project is now complete and I’m excited to share the details!

I was asked to design a mosaic to coincide with Longfellow School’s Author night.  This wouldn’t just be any mosaic….but a school wide project that would involve every student and staff member of the Longfellow community!   Each square found within my design translated into a square of water-color paper that each individual of the school was asked to paint (We used a combination of water-colors and Tempera depending on the shade needed).

Since author night was hosting Paula Kluth and Patrick Schwarz (authors of Pedro’s Whale), I designed an image of a whale spouting water in the sea.

Once the design was complete, I helped facilitate in some of the art classes with fellow mom, Gretchen.  We grouped the squares by color and shade so each class used the same color palette.

The end-product  came out beautifully, looking more like a tapestry or quilt than a mosaic.

This project has given me further interest in community art and a passionate curiosity into the dynamic power of collaboration.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda Hoerber says:

    So Cool!!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    Marvelous that you facilitated SO many
    to create one beautiful piece of art
    to inspire others to work together as a team.
    Awe inspiring no question !!!

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